Thursday, November 30, 2006

Designer to the ten year olds...

I have this friend, she's ten. My friend hates anthing pink, red, green, orange, ruffly, skirt like (this includes the infamous skort), things with pleats, things with darts, sparkles, fringe, and girly. Its cool- she's fun just the way she is, but I was starting to feel like she might need some accessories (disguised as functional wear, of course). Nothing in the store seemed to fit her unique sense of style-so I took it upon myself to design something for her. It is a one of a kind scarf, made with TLC, in a pattern designed by me (which I no longer remember). By the by, the ruffled looking edge is really not a ruffle. It is a small row of tiny crocheted triangles. And this photo does show the test end of fringe, but that has since been removed. It is a success of a designer project! Watch out all you people born in 1996, I may be your future scarf guru! :-)

Even Emily...

Laidies and Gentlemen! Come one, come all to see what Even Emily did...Yes sireee that is a sweater...sort of. What is amazing is that both pieces turned out the exact same size, both pieces are complete, and ah yes- this was completed in just over three days! Stand in amazement because THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE! I just have to get through two sleeves and (gasp!) I will have made a sweater. Ooooh Aaaah. Perhaps a sweater I might never wear, but a complete sweater nonetheless. I can taste victory already!


Sometimes you start something that you think will never be finished. And then all of a sudden its almost done. And you start to realize that you aren't really ready for this at all, but you still have to jump.

Best Gift Ever

Here it is! My early Christmas gift from mom and aunt Beth! I'm pleased to announce that I 'm the proud new owner of a 90 stitich function, all metal construction, super duper Shark Euro Pro Sewing Machine. I've already made a skirt and I'm working on a jacket! The best part is that I can do this, and it takes such a short amount of time. I love sewing. I've always resisted it because my mom is sooooo into it, but I've really found it to be relaxing. Yay for sewing!