Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Day

The nice thing about rainy days and no babies to birth is that you get to do things that you wouldn't ordinarily have time for. Like baking. Here is my absolutely fabulously plump juicy bannana nut breat. No walnuts here-we're a straight pecan family. MMMMMMMM

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ooh new project

Well, I've suddenly found myself with no project (other than previously unfinished red sock). So I did what any good ADD knitter would do and got myself another one. MMMM new yarn. This is a felted bag that really didn't take long to cook up. I still have to do back and handles but I don't think it will take too long. It was cool to work on the front panels because they let me do patterns, beadwork, and some color work, all of which you probably can't see with the far away style picture. We're talking two knitting evenings here. The pattern is from a book I received from my SP9 pal- Easy Knitted Accessories- and it is a super awesome book. I covet many of the patterns AND all are within my reach. Look out world, there may be some finished projects in your future- maybe.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I've been tagged!

In a recent email my Offical Pal challenged me to share six things about myself that others may not know...So here's my list:
  1. I love a good pedicure- toenail polish will fix anything.
  2. I can and have eaten a whole bag of double stuff oreos in one sitting.
  3. I do a darn good impression of the Brittney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time dance.
  4. Cooking is not my strong point.
  5. I've been known to skip events and classes to go to the beach.
  6. I absolutely cannot subtract without a calculator.

I've got some 'splainin to do...

I must say that this round of secret pal has been super interesting for me. I was initally assigned two spoilers (on accident), which has all been worked out and is totally no longer an issue. My assigned secret pal is awesome, totally supportive, and really encourages me to actively participate in blogging. I love it because I really look forward to her(?) comments. My other pal (who was re-assigned to someone else) is also awesome because she (?) has kept up contact with me- we apparently have bunches in common. So, as a result I've made two new friends and look forward to checking my email twice as much. I'm calling them Official Pal and Unofficial Pal. Both are total mysteries to me. Oh, and Unofficial Pal and I have agreed to do a small unofficial swap on the side. Spinnoff style! I'm going to do my best to keep them straight for your understanding. So I got a package from Unofficial Pal on Saturday. I have since used and abused all the items in the package, so please excuse my slightly modified photos....
This is what I found in my package: A gorgeous needle roll that my Unofficial Pal MADE HERSELF. I'm super impressed, and the fabric is totally my colors. I added a pair of my own needles here for effect. Above that please note the two balls of glorious blue cotton. I've already torn into them and used them for a couple of grannies. Along with the yarn and ne needle roll came a delicious easter bunny. I know it was delicious because, well, here see for yourselves...

I know I left the head, but I have this thing about eating eyes and noses, but don't worry, my husband will be happy to help out in this crisis. So a huge thank you goes out to my Unofficial Pal for a great unofficial package.

Oh Snap!

OK! I have been busy. Not too much time for knitting but busy nonetheless. First I joined the Granny-A-Long in a stash busting effort. Those who know me well know that I will buy blue yarn anytime. Cheap, expensive, its a terrible weakness. The result is a HUGE stash of blue yarn. All differnt shapes and textures. I don't even like blue that much outside of yarn. Anyhow, here's one of the nine grannies that I've done. I do one every night before going to bed (on the nights when I'm at home.) Hopefully, in about two months, I'll have a blanket and a whole lot less blue yarn!

I've also recently completed my purple chevron shawl. It was endless rows and rows and rows but the end result was really quite beautiful. I'm totally psyched that I actually finished a project, and that it turned out OK. I even put the edging on it. The best part about finishing was getting to start a new project. I bought the yarn yesterday for a bag I've had my eye on forever. I will post those pics as the progress happens. For now, I'm one totally satisfied knitter.