Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More than Generous

If there is an award for best pal, mine should get it. Hands down. The original package my secret pal sent on Nov. 14th got lost in the mail. Once we figured out that it was lost my pal SENT ANOTHER PACKAGE!! And it was a super package. Look at what I got!!!

Yes you can believe your eyes. You are looking at one copy of "The Happy Hooker", a skein of Rowan Big Wool (in shade 32), a skein of Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash , One skein of Two Waters Fiberworks Cashmere Sock Yarn(so soft, and such amazing bright colors), a set of six double pointed needles (size 2), one anonymous skein of some gorgeous chenille yarn, SEVEN skeins of Catania Color sock yarn (100% cotton, very silky), a pack of daisy post its, knitting note cards, and a very very funny card with three sheep on it that says "Pass slipped stich over" My favorite thing to do with it right now is a little thing I like to call the "stash stack" and it looks like this:

I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful pal. I love all the yarn, and it is all so luxurious and special to me. This is ths sort of stuff that I pick up in the LYS, hold it, covet it, but never purchase it. The whole package was such a treat. I'm already scheming of the projects I will start! THANK YOU to my most awesome pal!