Thursday, May 25, 2006

Do I make you proud?

Well, my season long, very unhealthy obsession with American Idol is now over....Yes, I know I'm too old for that crap but it is such a fun show! Last night Taylor Hicks was crowned the American Idol, and then he got to sing that really obnoxious song about making you proud. I'm avoiding the radio all day so I don't have to hear it. Now, right before Ryan Seacrest announced the winner he mentioned that American Idol had more voters than any US President. Now I know we're all shaking our heads and saying that is a shame but maybe it is a sign. Maybe America needs to get with the program...Think how many more people would vote if they could sit on the couch and text their presidential vote to 1-866-donkey1. Or what if the Democratic National Convention allowed the top three choices for presidential candidates to give speeches, a few news anchors ripped them a new one on live TV and then we get to vote by phone to determine the winner. Throw in a few stars like Clay Aiken singing the National Anthem and suddenly you've got yourself a blockbuster election season...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The First!

This is my brand new blog! I'd like this blog to be a place to meet other kntters and get some feedback on the knitting projects I never finish. That's my deal...I start projects, lots of projects but rarely finish any. I've finished two projects in the three years that I've been knitting. I'm famous for making the front of a sweater, then the back and finding out the the front side is two inches longer than the back side (yes, I know about guage). BUT I LOVE TO KNIT AND CROCHET!!!!! I think it is something about having something to do with your hands instead of just sitting there. Aside from knitting I am completely obsessed with trying new hobbies. They rarely stick-knitting is the only one I remain attached to. I have commitment issues. Currently I'm mountain biking and learning to play tennis. There are quite a few things that are constant in my life. My husband (who adores me), my family, my friends, and my dogs. These are my dogs. They're wrestlers and publicity junkies. When they aren't training for wrestling competitions they keep my husband and I company and sleep alot. They are also great at destroying balls of yarn. We keep them anyhow, because one day we know they will be famous wrestlers.