Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's like riding a bike....

With winter comes my uncontrollable urge to sit on the couch and knit while my husband watches football. So I've picked up my needles and finally started on that patchwork bag (yes I know I've already made one) that I promised my mother in law an eternity ago. This way it is done. I'm through the back (the worst part) and one of three panels that make up the front. I figure a few more days worth of work and I'm done!

Monday, July 16, 2007

What I want

I want a few things tonight. I want to wear comfy pants. I want to lie on the couch and watch making the band. I want to watch a discovery channel special about the ancient egyptians. I want to eat a whole bag of double stuff oreos. I want to crochet a whole blanket in one evening. I want to post a picture of the scarf and the dishtowel I made last week. But I WONT. Because I have to study. Boo Hss.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

quik note

I am not gone. I am still knitting. I've been working like a dawg. I have made a dishcloth (which my mom described as gorgeous) and a scarf. And now I have to go back to work. I swear, for my three faithful readers, I will post more ASAP.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lucky Me

I also received a swap package from my Unofficial Pal....Here you will see two skeins of oh so soft knitpicks alapaca, a "Run-a-go-go Tshirt, a pink ceramic easter egg, and a pretty pink ceramic easter egg, which contained a sweet pink bunny (not pictured). Also there were hershey kisses (eaten by the dog) and a tin of dark chocolate truffles (eaten by me). THANK YOU UNOFFICIAL PAL!!!

Oh Official Pal

La La La...I got a package last week. Three glorious skeins of wool in the most glorious combination of ruby, gold, and garnet colors (Hmmm I'm in a gemstone mood). My lovely pal suggested that I use it for a scarf, but I have a sneaky idea- I just bought a Noni Unfurling Roses pattern and I think that it will make a lovely shaded rose. See for yourselves:THANK YOU CHIA :-)

Um...Finished Project...

You folks will not believe this. I finished something else. I think I'm going to have to quit this, because it might become a habit. This is my felted bag. I had to wash it twice to get it to felt correctly- but it is done! Voila: before and after!

Front & Back

Front & Back

Monday, May 14, 2007


Can't figure out how to get my washer to felt...I (thankfully) attempted to felt my test swatch last night and it was only slightly fuzzier and smaller this morning. I have a washer with no center agitator- I washed the swatch with some woolite and a beach towel- But no felted love. It was such a dissappointment. I HAVE FINISHED THE STINKIN BAG AND DO NOT WANT TO RUIN IT IN THE FELTING PROCESS. And I am thouroghly irritated that my swatch did not felt. Now I have to knit another swatch and try again. Has anyone had experiece with this sort of situation? GRRRRRRRRRRR. Happy Monday.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I am a dumb a$$ who decided to "get pumped" and stay for step at the gym tonight. You know tomorrow is going to be bad if my legs are already hurting and its only been what, like three hours. Sheesh. Tomorrow night will definately be a sit on the couch and work on my momma's day present and not move any more than I have to. Sheesh.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Day

The nice thing about rainy days and no babies to birth is that you get to do things that you wouldn't ordinarily have time for. Like baking. Here is my absolutely fabulously plump juicy bannana nut breat. No walnuts here-we're a straight pecan family. MMMMMMMM