Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lucky Me

I also received a swap package from my Unofficial Pal....Here you will see two skeins of oh so soft knitpicks alapaca, a "Run-a-go-go Tshirt, a pink ceramic easter egg, and a pretty pink ceramic easter egg, which contained a sweet pink bunny (not pictured). Also there were hershey kisses (eaten by the dog) and a tin of dark chocolate truffles (eaten by me). THANK YOU UNOFFICIAL PAL!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad that you liked, girl! I just thought - I didn't post what you sent me, but then I shouldn't do that because then you might guess who I'm am. I mean, after all, how many people have 2 secret pals?? lol

Anonymous said...

I'm tagging you!! lol
Just so you know the knitting mag subscription is a birthday present from me to you. Not sure if you got it yet.

Unofficial Secret Pal

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