Monday, May 14, 2007


Can't figure out how to get my washer to felt...I (thankfully) attempted to felt my test swatch last night and it was only slightly fuzzier and smaller this morning. I have a washer with no center agitator- I washed the swatch with some woolite and a beach towel- But no felted love. It was such a dissappointment. I HAVE FINISHED THE STINKIN BAG AND DO NOT WANT TO RUIN IT IN THE FELTING PROCESS. And I am thouroghly irritated that my swatch did not felt. Now I have to knit another swatch and try again. Has anyone had experiece with this sort of situation? GRRRRRRRRRRR. Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Depending on your yarn it may take several agitations to felt. I know that when I use Lion Brand it takes about 4 to 5 times through the wash cycle on HOT before it will felt the way I like it. So, just keep doing it, girl!

Unofficial Secret Pal

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Did you get my package? I want to send something out to you, but I want to make sure your gift got to you the first time.

Official SP