Tuesday, September 26, 2006

no love

i started on row four
maintaining the pattern
click click click with my metal needles
row five
row six
the famous row seven.
The Cable Row.
Something is wrong-
an extra stich?
rip, rip, rip

Monday, September 25, 2006

Rolodex this...

I spent two and a half hours of valuable knitting time organizing the six thousand business cards I have recently inhereted at my new job tonight. Seriously, nobody throws anything away at my job. See, I was given a new rolodex so that the desk would look organized. I have to admit I was pretty excited about it. It was one of those wheelie ones and they (i.e. "the office") bought me a little rolodex hole puncher to make the business cards fit into the rolodex. Of course, this was NOT what I had requested. I wanted those little cards with the slots in the corner that fit in the rolodex and then you slide the business cards into the slots. This is different than the plastic sleeves, of which I also got 50 of these that I did not request. But the person who bought it for me was being extremely thoughtful, and it appeared to be a good system. I separated the cards alphabetically and even cross referenced some of them to other categories/names. I spent countless minutes deciphering what my predecessor meant by "Joan 353" and where this name and its cryptic number belonged. I pulled my new rolodex out of its box, only to find that the old rolodex was really old and the cards where about an inch longer than my new rolodex. Dilema here. Old, wide, dog-eared veteran cards vs. new skinny, glamourous, shiny, young rolodex. I was not about to hand write every business card and every old rolodex card onto the smaller one. The business card punch was a piece of crap that did not punch. Oh, and the plastic sleeves- too wide for the new rolodex. I ended up just putting my alphabetized cards back into the old rolodex. What a waste of an evening and a total waste of a dainty beautiful new rolodex. Hence, there is no new knitting progress and I'm quickly losing my interest in the sweater project!

Friday, September 22, 2006


I have begun a lovely project. To be honest, it is not difficult. It is a simple cable cardigan. The cable pattern happens to be for idiots- which is good for me. I thought, "Ha! I can make a sweater. This will show everyone that I do finish real projects." But I lied. Last night I hit the wall at row number 7. The cable row...Everything was going fine until I decided to talk on the phone while knitting. Normally, not a problem. Then I screwed up my pattern. Everything was one stitch off from where it was supposed to be AND I had managed to pick up a stitch. I frogged it back to my mistake and started again only to realize that it was still off and that I still had one extra sneaky stitch. More frogging. Back to row 4, where I had started my evening knitting. This incident took me four minutes to write about BUT TOOK ME 2 HOURS TO MAKE AND THEN CORRECT. Horrifying. Tonight is an overnight shift in the hospital, so hopefully I'll have a little time to add to this sweater. But the future of the sweater is not looking so hot. It is in grave danger of becoming a UFO....

Monday, September 18, 2006

No pain, no gain

I have started my project, but there are no pics yet. I have completed 8 rows, and only had to frog it 4 times thus far. It will be worth it soon though. No knitting tonight though, because my Jaguars were on and I was too involved in the game. Congrats to the Jags on their total annihilation of the Steelers!

Friday, September 15, 2006

New thang

Well I did it. I went my LYS, (shout out to Vulcan's Rest Fibers) where Margaret and Margaret helped me select an appropriately difficult project and set me up with yarn I could afford. (Remember I'm building a house folks...) Anyhow it is a sweater. And that is all I will say for the moment. Here's a teaser for you...My gauge swatch!!!!

I only had to do it twice before obtaining the correct size. If you know me at all you know that I never check gauge and most importantly, the last thing I need is another navy blue sweater...Let the adventure begin!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy photo

Sometimes I think we all need to stop and take a minute to appreciate the little moments we've shared in life. This photo was taken at the top of a waterfall that my husband and I climbed last weekend. We were camping in the Catoctin mountains. It was a great outing and provided some much needed rest and relaxation. Don't we look blissful? What you don't know is that 45 minutes into the future from this snapshot, I got us lost on a trail. Yes, it was paved, but we were lost nonetheless. Despite my husband's urging I refused to re-enter the forest. C'mon now, wouldn't you rather be lost on pavement than lost in the woods? And that is how we ended up walking 5 miles on the side of a country highway. It was a great trip, and I'm so happy to have a good picture to remind me of a great moment.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One door closes

Ninja Dachshaund says:

"Look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes...Go! Finish a project! Do it now! "

Yes, tonight was a night. After a long day at the office I came home to an empty house. I considered doing something healthy for about five and a half seconds before deciding that this gray chilly evening was best meant for the fibre arts. MMMHMMM break out the yarn. I have had several projects in progress over the summer, but tonight I finished one. It is the second one ever. (Yes I've been knitting for over two years now). Who says you have to actually finish a project??? I can no longer think about this scarf, and how difficult it was to make with my super lightweight Daisy #10s. Or how delicate the kid mohair felt in my hand. To some this is a moment of satisfaction, but to me it is downright sad.

Overall, it was easy and the effect was quite nice. It is a solid garter stich the whole way through. The only problem is that it doesn't look a thing like anything I would ever wear. The completion of this scarf lessens my current project count, and therefore I am availible to any new patterns at this point in time. I promise to passionately pursuit you for the first three days and then ignore your needs for months on end. Oh Geez. I am the "man" of knitting projects.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Good Yarn...Bad Girl

SO My new goal is to routinely publish to this blog. I've really really slipped when it comes to all sorts of things. First of all I'd like to say that I've offically joined a knitting group- The Newark Knitters- however have never made it to a meeting. I'm aiming for the next one.

It has been a super busy summer, but I've been keeping up with my knitting projects as much as possible (I've got four going currently). Of course none are finished. There is "the afghan" which I have a strong suspicion is a "winter only " project. Then we have the "I have too much pink acrylic yarn" granny square that has grown to an absurd size. Third we come to the one ribbon slipper booty thing- which I started on vacation. That was a great project. I finished the slipper, but somehow cannot bring myself to finish the other one now that I am home. Lastly we have the large pile of yarn my sister brought home from Ireland. It is soft and grey with tiny flecks of yellow and red and blue. Honestly, I'm scared to touch it. I really should finish something with this yarn but I don't even know what I will make.

Here is a blurry pic of my new yarn- I have a ton of it...Tivoli luxury tweed double knitting in shade 244.

Any Suggestions?

Two Truths and a LIE.....

1. I grew up in a rural town smack in the middle of Texas where I spent my time in the 4H club- with my very own calf. He was brown and white spotted and I fed him from a giant bottle everyday.

2. I hate science fiction. Anything with a remotely mystical twist on it is dead to my soul. That's right. No Harry Potter or Star Wars or anything that deals with wizards, dragons, space creatures, and time travel.

3. I am an avid runner. I run two to three miles every morning, and if I don't get my run in- consider my day ruined. I love the rush at the end of a good long run. I run so much that I replace my sneakers every three to four months.

um...if I knew any other bloggers, you would be tagged...